Tyman Robinson

Tyman Jaleel Robinson is a college graduate of Claflin Univserity, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications Digital Media and minoring in Theatrical Production. Born on February 28th, 1991, Tyman grew up in Columbia South Carolina where he was raised by his mother, Rendella Robinson and father, Roosevelt Robinson with two other siblings. Currently he works in corporate America as a Production Control Planner for partner business companies. In recent years, he developed a fire within himself to engage in the African American Community to encourage, inform and uplift people who live in communities oppressed by social injustices. On his journey for enlightenment, he uncovered information on ancient African esotericism and numerous ostracized scholarships on hidden knowledge in spiritual systems that has cultivated each continent. This gave him a desire to teach and reform indoctrination in the minds of fellow melanated people to put them in the light of what is uncovered about themselves.

Tyman is now on the verge of launching his own book, a novella that goes by the title, ‘The Blueprint of Darkness: How to Eradicate Mind Control in a Mind Controlled Society’ and it’s currently in the process of being edited before its release. The book will uncover esoteric knowledge on the behalf of religious systems, spiritual systems, secrets of African mythology related to symbolism in world cultures and highlighting how the mindset of America has been poisoned by false implications that makes the overall public think one way, instead of researching the holes in its ambiguity. Tyman strives to align his people with their ancient mind to get out of the mental assassination that has kept them in revolving door of brainwash.